Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! This is supposed to be a day when we recognize the earth and all that it gives us. I think this is a great idea. Today, I want to go for a nice long walk and just get immersed in God's beauty again.

I wrote a poem today called, "Oh Earth ... Oh God ... A Poem About Earth Day." It's about taking advantage of the things that God gave us on this earth, and being grateful. Our earth is messed up but I think the answer lies in turning back to the one that created in the first place. I am "preaching" to myself, most of all. So often I worry about the problems and forget to thank God for the gifts. 

Sometimes (often) I get so caught with writing that I forget to take the time to actually enjoy all that I have been blessed with. Writing is a profession where you are not moving. You are sitting. And while you write about amazing things, you can't forget to do amazing things. To me, that's a balance I haven't found as of yet.

What about you? Do you feel your life is a good balance between the doing and the "talking about doing?" If so, what do you do to achieve this balance?

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