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Love Chapter For Writers

Love Chapter For Writers

I Corinthians 13 Applied To Writers

Though .... 

Though I am eloquent on the page, with the words flowing like smooth water down the river, and have not love, my words are unpleasant, and grind on the nerves.

Though I am an excellent researcher, and have incredible intution, and have studied extensively in university, with a photographic memory, and have not love, I am nothing. 

And though I write about charity, and tell of all my good works, but have not love, it is of no use, and completely unprofitable. 

Love is ...

Love is patient, and is willing to write regularly, knowing it will take time, sometimes days, even years, before the words will be appreciated. 

Love is kind, and does not use words to put others down, or attack an enemy. It instead uses the written word to help and encourage others. 

Love does not...

Love does not envy. It does not begrudge the success of other writers who seem to be succeeding when we are not. It does not hold a secret wish that those who seem to be able to do it all, will fail, so we feel a bit better about ourselves. 

Love does not puff itself up. It does not do self-promotion without also appreciating other writers. It does not brag, and try to make others feel less. 

Love does not behave inappropriately. Love does not seek only things for itself. Love does not focus on evil and wrong. 

Love does not rejoice in sin. It does not secretly gloat when someone famous falls down, or when a competitor falls into disgrace. Love rejoices in truth. It loves to truth, and seeks truth in what it writes, and what it thinks. 

Love endures, believes and hopes all things ... 

Love endures all things. It does not give up on the call to write, and to express, even when things seem hopeless. It is willing to put up with rejection, knowing that rejection is part of the writing call. 

Love believes all things. It is believes the best in other people, and believes that life will get better, that joy does come in the morning. 

Love hopes all things. It is overflowing with hope, even when hope does seem present. It believes that hard work is worth it, and that there will be a reward, in time. 

Love never fails ...

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