Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beautiful Wednesdays -- You Are Beautiful

The class had been having one of those days -- you know, when kids fight, and call each other insulting names, and everyone just gets mad at each other. Feelings were hurt, the drama was high, and I was frustrated with them (very!). We had had a discussion about classification, and how people can get classified according to characteristics. Body size came up, and it got ugly. (pun intended!)

Sensing the growing animosity in the room,  I decided to get real.

"I'm fat," I said. Their faces looked up at me in shock. Silence. One boy, bless his heart, said, "no, you're not." "Well," I said, "according to the charts, I have more fat than the norm. I have extra fat. It's part of my body."

"And that's okay. None of us are perfect. Take what you have, and look your best with what you have. None of us have perfect bodies, not even models."

"I've been slim, and I've been bigger, but it didn't make my life perfect, just because I was thinner. I was still the same person I am now. Just look your best, and feel good about how you are made. You are beautiful."

And then I showed them this video:

The video said it all. And they heard it. Smart kids.

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